With spring continuing to drag on into J-U-L-Y, not everyone is hoping for warmer, dryer weather. Rachel Dein, a plaster and concrete artist out of London, embraces the spring weather as it provides the perfect medium for her plant-based art. She's out and about, foraging her favourite materials - wildflowers. Then, acting quickly, she gently [...]
For my 35th birthday this year, my best & oldest friend Emilie bought me a yearly pass the for Royal Botanical Gardens. Her and I used to attend all the time when we were kids, and I literally haven't been since. I've lived in Hamilton for 4 years now, and I practically drive past it [...]
We all know them. We all aspire to have them. Those pretty, shiny, tall drinks of water known as Hunter Boots. I'm not sure at which point they started as a rain boot, and then which celebrity decided to wear them out shopping one day and colour coordinate their red rubber boots with their Gucci [...]
Starting your own business forces you to explore every inch of your creative genius and miraculously make it all ebb and flow together. Everyone has grand ideas for their business, and we would all love to hire the best designers out there to make that all happen. As a designer myself, you realize the importance [...]

With all of this lingering cold winter weather, I was needing a little spring pick me up. I discovered this outdoor furniture company called Sutherland and fell in love with, well, all of their stuff, but it’s the “Plateau” line that originally caught my eye (to be continued…I’ll share that one later!). Scrolling through their website […]

Composite decking has been around for quite some time now, as an alternative to the nuisance of maintaining real wood. Of all of my clients, 99.9% all request NO MAINTENANCE when describing their wish list for their property. I then explain that there is no such thing, and every property requires some sort of maintenance […]

This is some of the most amazing plant art that I have ever seen. The artist, Anne Ten Donkelaar, takes pressing flowers to a whole new level. Instead of gluing flattened, pressed flowers to a page, she preserves the colour and beauty of these flowers, and elevates them on the page using pins. And she uses some of the […]

One of the most premium lines of outdoor furniture, Gloster continues to amaze me with their creative and quality product lines. They create heirloom furniture using teak, stainless steel, aluminum, and synthetic fiber and upholstery. Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor applications as it has a tight grain and high oil content which is […]

I stumbled upon Claus Dalby on Instagram a few months back, and he is absolutely one of my favourite people that I follow. A man of a few different hats, he is a plantsman, publisher, author, broadcaster and photographer. If you want to get all squirmy and antsy for spring, then jump on board and follow […]

Ok, my ideal fire is always real wood. Always. Nothing beats the smell of a real fire burning. But with it come a few headaches. You have to find the wood. You have to chop the wood, hopefully without chopping off your digits at the same time. And you have to build the fire itself. […]

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