Modpools – Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Modpools is starting to make it’s mark here in Canada and the USA, as a new alternative to swimming using re-purposed Shipping Containers. Relocatable, customizable, and minimal footprint required, Modpools are a great option that sets up in minutes. Their efficient heaters can increase water temperature at 10°f/hour in 14°f weather and can easily control temperature, jets and lighting from your smartphone. They have 3 standard options available, 12′, 20′ and 40′ lengths, ranging in price from $21,900 to $49,900 Canadian dollars. Another cool feature is that you can add a divider within the pool, to create a pool and hot tub combo. Cut some windows in the side, add a swim jet for exercise, or a few in pool benches for the ultimate social gathering.

Founded by Paul and Denise Rathnam from Abbotsford, BC, they were inspired by combination hot tub/swimming pools while vacationing in Palm Springs. Interviewed by CTV News in Vancouver, co-owner Paul mentioned “In the winter months, the pools can be used with the hot tub feature. Paul said his own pool had about 5 centimetres of ice on it this past winter and he was still able to bring the temperature up to 104 degrees fahrenheit (40 C) in about two and half hours.” Awesome! That’s one way to get your buns outside in the winter…Hot Tub Time Machine style parties!


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