Bevolo Gas & Electric Lanterns

Stepping back into the past with a modern edge, Bevolo Gas & Electric light fixtures are reminiscent of classic New Orleans style, and add a whole new element of light to the modern home.  This all-around lighting design and planning company specializes in copper gas and electric lighting fixtures, having hundreds of lights to suit a variety of styles and project types.

Bevolo has been around since 1945, meaning they have had over 70 years in the copper light business to perfect their lights and understand the styles best suited to each and every house style. With this extensive knowledge and theory of light design, they offer amazing free of charge design services to ensure they have chosen the right fixtures for the right place. Send them your house plans, elevations or pictures to this amazing team and they will help you put together an intricate lighting plan based on your design needs.

I love to see companies such as this one which take so much pride in their product that they will go above and beyond to help you complete your lighting projects in the best possible way.

**All images courtesy of Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights**

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