By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the wildly popular Danish word Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) – but in case you haven’t – it’s currently blowing up. It’s being featured in countless lifestyle articles, book titles, brands and now there are even boardgames!?

We are creeping into the cool, crisp fall season. Which of course not only means Thanksgiving and Halloween but also bulb planting. Who doesn’t love a little spring pop of colour? Lots of people I have talked to are interested in adding beautiful tulips, daffodils, or crocus flowers to their landscape. What many people don’t […]

Don’t you just hate it when you plant a seed to grow a tree and you can’t tell if it’s growing or not?? …..Ya me neither. I have yet to grow anything from a seed. Well maybe a lima bean or whatever they give you in school. You know, soak a school grade brown paper […]

Are you seeing these?! W-O-W. I’ve been to Montreal a handful of times, but I never knew these amazing pieces of art existed. Added to the bucket list of gardens I need to now see before I die. Apparently, Montreal’s Botanical garden is known for having a collection of greenhouse garden exhibits which allows you […]

Nothing makes me happier than grabbing a coffee and a bunch of magazines on a Sunday morning, and sifting through a little creative eye candy. House & Home, Dwell, House & Garden, even the Food & Drink. One day I stumbled upon this man, Patrick Dougherty and his WOW stick work art sculptures. Wanting to […]

With spring continuing to drag on into J-U-L-Y, not everyone is hoping for warmer, dryer weather. Rachel Dein, a plaster and concrete artist out of London, embraces the spring weather as it provides the perfect medium for her plant-based art. She's out and about, foraging her favourite materials - wildflowers. Then, acting quickly, she gently [...]

This is some of the most amazing plant art that I have ever seen. The artist, Anne Ten Donkelaar, takes pressing flowers to a whole new level. Instead of gluing flattened, pressed flowers to a page, she preserves the colour and beauty of these flowers, and elevates them on the page using pins. And she uses some of the […]

I stumbled upon Claus Dalby on Instagram a few months back, and he is absolutely one of my favourite people that I follow. A man of a few different hats, he is a plantsman, publisher, author, broadcaster and photographer. If you want to get all squirmy and antsy for spring, then jump on board and follow […]

Pottery at a whole new level. Artist Ken Gangbar creates art installations and sculptures that “feature organic shapes arranged in nature inspired patterns” (Stacy Lee Kong, House & Home p. 46). Take each piece for what you will….nuts or cones in the grass, petals floating to the ground, fungus growing on a tree, birds in flight, waves of […]

There is a radio show here in Toronto, where the infamous Kim Mitchell (well infamous here in Canada…everybody knows “Patio Lanterns”….) has a spot that he dubs “Damn I wish I wrote that” where he highlights various famous songs that he wishes he wrote. He plays a little diddle on his guitar, fumbles a few […]

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