Montreal Botanical Gardens – Among the best in the world

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Are you seeing these?! W-O-W.

I’ve been to Montreal a handful of times, but I never knew these amazing pieces of art existed. Added to the bucket list of gardens I need to now see before I die. Apparently, Montreal’s Botanical garden is known for having a collection of greenhouse garden exhibits which allows you to enjoy the facility all year round. The gardens at peak time of year encompass a extensive 75 hectares, which includes many thematic gardens and plant sculptures.

The Gardens of Light Festival is now on at the MBG, and runs from September 6 until October 31st. It takes over a month for them to setup this event, as they have Artisans from Shanghai design each lantern by hand, and then are assembled in Montreal for the exhibit. They say to arrive early to admire the fall colours of the gardens before partaking in the lights festival. ROAD TRIP!

Photo courtesy of Montreal Tourism

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