Veradek – Decorative Screens

Veradek may be North America’s #1 leading planter manufacturer, but their decorative screens are what caught my eye. Many clients are requesting a new alternative to wood or lattice screens for their backyard, and these screens are a sweet choice.

Homeowners typically all have the same request – NO maintenance (I get this ALL THE TIME which makes me giggle as there’s no such thing) or LOW maintenance. If you can reduce the amount of painting and staining in your landscape, that’s as good as gold.

There are 7 laser cut screen designs to choose from, and can be ordered in a set of 3 panels with a stand, or per panel. The single panel choice is best for those custom projects where you want to attach panels within a fence, pergola or other structure. You can purchase at many suppliers, one of which is Wayfair which is super easy for ordering and returns. So start cruising and check out what Veradek has to offer….adding these screens gives your landscape that extra little pop to create that outdoor living room we all strive to achieve.


** All images courtesy of Veradek Outdoor & Wayfair **

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