Outdoor Showers

Anyone feeling dirty?! This is definitely on my bucket list of projects to install at the cottage. Outdoor showers are such a great addition around any pool, but they easily can become a focal feature in your own little piece of paradise. There has been an increasing request to add outdoor showers in our designs, and these are just a few of our personal favourites we admire when looking for inspiration… With the variety of these options you can see how unique and different each and every outdoor shower can be depending on your style. Whether you’re seeking rustic, modern, open, enclosed, extravagant, or simple – there’s a style that grabs anyone and you will most definitely want to install this gem of a feature in any space. So…want that peaceful retreat away from your little munchkins? Or how about simply giving a rinse before or after a dip in the pool? Consider a nice, private nook to tuck away one of these showers when planning your next landscape project and we’ll make it happen.

** Featured Image by Alicia Taylor **


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