The female alternative to the traditional “man cave”, She’s Shed’s are becoming an increasing request amongst design clients. Women are craving their own sanctuary to call their own, whether it be for gardening, reading, an art studio, or simply a place to have a glass-o-somethin’ in peace. Clean out that dirty old garden shed, or […]

Pottery at a whole new level. Artist Ken Gangbar creates art installations and sculptures that “feature organic shapes arranged in nature inspired patterns” (Stacy Lee Kong, House & Home p. 46). Take each piece for what you will….nuts or cones in the grass, petals floating to the ground, fungus growing on a tree, birds in flight, waves of […]

Edgy, hip. These designs are so sweet. A variety of different colours, form and function, this furniture collection is for the modern lounger, or ‘lollygagger’ as they put it so eloquently. Loll designs and manufactures durable, all season weather outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic — mostly from milk jugs. “Originally, we used recycled […]

When you break it all down, designing your own yard can be very rewarding, and not as hard as one may think. Keeping in mind certain principles, you can design your own yard, and hopefully have fun doing it. Below are a few of my own tips that I follow, when undertaking a new project. […]

There is a radio show here in Toronto, where the infamous Kim Mitchell (well infamous here in Canada…everybody knows “Patio Lanterns”….) has a spot that he dubs “Damn I wish I wrote that” where he highlights various famous songs that he wishes he wrote. He plays a little diddle on his guitar, fumbles a few […]

How bad ass are these?!? What a cool, trendy way to ditch that pain in the ass umbrella you’ve been tripping over for the past 10 years. Inspired by the shade sails found in Australia and NZ, these canopies are made with high-density polyethylene that provides 95% protection against ultra violet rays. They can stay […]

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