Meg & Kennedy

Our Process

Bring us your dreams for your new oasis.  We work with you to transform your dream into reality.


Start Planning

Ideas to Paper

Meg and Kennedy Renderings

You’ve ripped out some magazine inspiration, sketched out a few ideas, or just know that you want your outdoor space to feel like an at-home cottage. We bring the creative expertise and design chops to express your vision in a cohesive way, adding colour and texture in the right places. 2D and 3D layouts let you see the scope of your entire project from deck design to plant lines to “can we install a big screen TV for game nights?” (Yes. Yes we can.)


Outdoor Living

The Most of Your Space

You want a space that’s just as liveable as it is beautiful, with a seamless flow from your home interior to exterior. Tell us how you want to use the space, what isn’t working for you right now, and what will make it a place you can enjoy not only today – but years from now. Whether you’re thinking of loving it forever or listing it one day, a well-designed, low maintenance landscaping plan can raise the value of your home up to 28%.

Meg and Kennedy - Drawing



Work With Your Designer

Meg and Kennedy - Renderings

You want expert guidance and suggestions that enhance your ideas. The last thing you need is someone calling all the shots without considering your likes and dislikes when you’re the one who uses the space. We work with you to bring your ideas to life and build on your revisions, so you get the exact look you want the first time (not 5 do-overs later). You’re a part of this creative process just as much as we are.



Take Your Designs

Unlike full-scale landscaping firms that demand one-stop shopping, we offer grab-and-go design concepts.  Whether you’re feeling DIY-happy, want to choose your own contractors or work with our trusty garden-glove sidekicks, our designs are yours to implement. You’ll receive a comprehensive budget with installation estimates and convenient photo description cards for every plant. So when it comes to visiting garden centres or getting quotes from contractors, every detail is accounted for.

Meg and Kennedy 2D Plans


Stylish Accents

Make Your Space Yours

Meg and Kennedy 3D Plans

Once your landscaping is complete, sometimes all you need is that finishing touch to connect the design dots: a cedar trellis accent, a gas fireplace to gather around, or patio furniture that doesn’t look like you bought it on clearance from your local hardware store. With our background in interior design and colour theory, we can bring your vision into full bloom with custom styling and decor plans.



Avenue Designs

Meg and Kennedy Renderings

Collaborative Design

“Meaghan and I have worked together on a collaborative design for a high end home and I am very excited to see it come to life. She is very easy to work with, receptive to both me as an interior designer, and to the clients, and respectful of everyone’s wishes and tastes – at the same time as bringing forth her expertise and knowledge to guide everyone towards the best use of space possible. Her turnaround time for designs and revisions is very quick, and I love the renderings and 3D views she is able to present – it really helps everyone visualize the finished product. I have already recommended her for various other projects I am working on, and am looking forward to seeing our joint efforts come to life.”

~ Avenue Design