ith over two decades of dedicated expertise, Meaghan Chabot stands as a beacon of creativity                  and craftsmanship in the realm of landscape design. Specializing in bespoke residential landscapes of all sizes across Southern Ontario, Meaghan's journey is marked by a passion for transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens.


What sets Meaghan apart is not just her extensive experience, but her unwavering commitment to understanding her clients' unique visions. A great listener by nature, she delves deep into your dreams, weaving them seamlessly into her designs. From the initial consultation to the final unveiling, Meaghan works hand in hand with you, ensuring every aspect of your vision is brought to life.

Beyond her keen eye for aesthetics, Meaghan has cultivated invaluable relationships with skilled landscape contractors throughout her career. These collaborations elevate her designs, ensuring that every detail is executed with precision and care.

For Meaghan, it's not just about designing landscapes; it's about crafting experiences. With her guidance, your outdoor space becomes more than just an extension of your home—it becomes a sanctuary, a place where memories are made and dreams take root.



ou could describe your outdoor living space in two words:
Blank slate. Hidden gem. So 1970s.

Sure, you planted a few (unexpectedly high-maintenance) shrubs in your front yard. You binge-watched HGTV for inspiration, only to feel overwhelmed by all of your options. Maybe you even put out a patio set to dine alfresco in the summer months, so you’d get some use out of your blah backyard.

But it still feels like something’s missing.


Style that’s less boring beige and more contemporary cool. A functional layout that flows naturally, so you won’t trip on pathways and spill perfectly good margaritas. Plus a little privacy would be nice. (If you have to have one more awkward staring contest with your neighbours when they’re at their kitchen sink…)

As it stands, the dog is getting more use out of the space than you are.

You can see the potential of your outdoor living space. It just needs a little sprucing, so it complements your home…and gives you a reason to say: “Party at our place!”

That’s where we come in, collaborating with you to turn your creative vision into a natural landscape that’s raved about six blocks over.

We’re an award-winning landscape design firm based in The Greater Toronto Area with a reputation for creating modern, low-maintenance, and resort-worthy outdoor living spaces.

From bespoke water features and eye-catching structural accents to lighting that creates a relaxed ambiance, we’ll give you the staycation you crave.


It's not about designing a's about designing a lifestyle



Meaghan provided us with fresh ideas and beautifully done 3D images of her vision for our backyard and front yard. She was a pleasure to work with and answered all of our questions, as well as provided additional drawings and advice as needed. We implemented all of her ideas in the backyard with respect to deck design and flowers/plants, and can't wait to do the same to the front yard in the spring!

“Meaghan and I have worked together on a collaborative design for a high end home and I am very excited to see it come to life. She is very easy to work with, receptive to both me as an interior designer, and to the clients, and respectful of everyone’s wishes and tastes – at the same time as bringing forth her expertise and knowledge to guide everyone towards the best use of space possible. Her turnaround time for designs and revisions is very quick, and I love the renderings and 3D views she is able to present – it really helps everyone visualize the finished product. I have already recommended her for various other projects I am working on, and am looking forward to seeing our joint efforts come to life.”

~ Avenue Design


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